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Butcher Babies – Take It Like a Man | Album Review

MOSH review ‘Take It Like A Man’ the brand new album from Butcher Babies. take a look inside to find out what we thought…

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Have you ever listened to Rob Zombie and thought to yourself “I think this is a little too light for my tastes. It would be much better if this was roughly four times more metal and Mr. Zombie was actually a lady”? No? Well you should now be wondering what that would actually sound like. Well, here is the answer. Butcher Babies are here and are taking no prisoners, with two of the most bad-ass front-women of recent memory, in the form of Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey. With a single quick flick through, ‘Take It Like A Man’ shows itself to be a brutal twelve track onslaught of pure metal. No prisoners taken, no mercy shown, no quarter spared. Let’s have a little look at it shall we?

Opening track ‘Monster’s Ball’ comes out of the gate at roughly ten thousand miles an hour, decimating all that stands in it’s way. A thunderous performance with an almost hard-rock cabaret sound within it’s lyrics, the album is set for not being for the faint hearted right from the off. Those whose idea of heavy is Foo Fighters, this sure as hell isn’t for you. The vocals roar and scream all the way through the opening numbers right through until ‘The Cleansing’. The brutal lyrical bellows are not lost, but also showcase two absolutely stunning clean vocalists. To say that Corey Taylor should be taking note and watching his back would be putting it lightly.

Further in, ‘Thrown Away’ shows the diversity of the outfit with what has to be one of the greatest metal-ballads of all time. Dripping in atmosphere and emotion, the pedal is taken slightly off the metal for three and a half minutes and what is delivered is nothing short of perfect. A tale of despair and pain, woven in-between elegant and tasteful guitar lines, topped off with the most restrained yet impactful rhythm-section work that is is possible to deliver.

As the curtains close with ‘Blonde Girls All Look the Same’, it’s safe to say that we have been treated to what should rightfully be recognised as one of the best rock albums of the decade. Heavy, raucous, relentless, furious and down-right devastating in all the right ways, this is a must have for anyone who likes their music hard and heavy hitting.

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