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Buckcherry – Rock ‘N’ Roll | Album Review

Buckcherry are back with their seventh studio album Rock ‘N’ Roll – their statement to the world that rock and roll is not dead. Find out what we thought here!

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Rock ‘N’ Roll is about three things: energy, sex appeal and being over-the-top. Buckcherry are here to bring it in the bucket loads. With their seventh studio album of the same title about to drop. Their mission is simple – to prove that rock and roll isn’t rising from the ashes, but that its always been here.

Forget the notion of ‘daring to be different’ or ‘trying out new things’, Buckcherry are doing what they’ve always done best – keeping badass LA rock alive. Rock ‘N’ Roll isn’t just a lullaby to their roots, but a kick in the face to those who believe its dead.

The short and sweet 10-track affair kicks off with a bang in the form of single ‘Bring It On Back’. Its sassy riffs and classic vocals are enough to impress from the offset, but its the sex appeal that really puts the album into gear. From the get go, its got an edgy groove about it that makes you want to strut down the Hollywood Sunset Strip.

As the album progresses, there’s an overall sense of maturity, despite the at times overload on sex appeal (including the track titled ‘Sex Appeal’). ‘Wish To Carry On’ is a more tender, anthemic number, but still maintains a classic, effervescent heart.

This attempt at ballads is a theme that crops up consistently and is a well-thought-out addition. ‘Rain’s Falling’ carries this trend most beautifully as the instrumentals are bluesy and groovy at the core, as if set in a LA comedy club with a drink at the ready.

This move is certainly a smart one from Buckcherry. Without straying from who they fundamentally are, they’ve managed to remain big and bold, but also focus on topics other than getting drunk and frolicking with women. Just look at ‘Cradle’ as a clear example – its feisty and nimble, but with lyrical content that’s thought-provoking.

The only let down? Long-time Buckcherry fans may feel that this album is playing it safe a little, but in doing so, they’re reaching out to a wider community and doing music their way. Despite the overall sense of sensibility here, there’s still enough intensity and a ‘no f**ks* to give attitude*’ that you could wish for.

Rock and roll is officially not dead.

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