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Broken Records – Toska | EP Review

Check out what we thought of Broken Records’ brand new EP Toska here!


Credit: Album Cover

Following two successful albums that were praised by critics and fans alike, Broken Records have are now taking the ‘less is more’ approach with a new four-track EP, Toska. The EP is a taster for their third full-length album, Weights and Pulleys, due for release in May.

The first thing to notice about Toska is the beautiful vocals that flow throughout the EP. With the opening titular track, a voice reminiscent of a slower, gentler Brandon Flowers with the hints of a grittier edge lurking behind the beautiful tone can be heard. However, that’s where any comparisons to The Killers pretty much end. With ‘See You on the Way Down‘, the delicate acoustic guitar and subtle piano notes support the orchestral echo of the vocals, creating a soulful sound that is heard throughout the record. The third track, ‘Ward‘, brings two and a half minutes of pure instrumental with moments of conversation and laughter in the background, which is a pleasant down-to-earth touch by the band. ‘Revival‘ is the EP’s stand out track, with more a ‘band’ sound instead of the sense that the vocals are separate from the melody, which is the vibe heard in some of the other songs. It’s upbeat, exciting and leaves the listener in a great mood by time the EP is over. What more could a band ask for?

Broken Records have set their impending full-length release up perfectly with Toska. It’s got everything an advertising campaign should have- likability, emotional connections, and a happy ending- in a tiny musical package. If fans are wondering what Broken Records have got to offer in the future, look no further than Toska.

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