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Breathe Carolina – Savages | Album Review

See what we have to say about Breathe Carolina’s latest release right here.

Credit: Album cover

Credit: Album cover

Breathe Carolina are a very different kind of band. While often classed as a rock band they have their very own keyboardist/DJ in member Luis Bonet. While there are other bands out there combining electronic and rock, very few have the same effect as this four-piece. While others are easily classified as rock, featuring some electronic, Breathe Carolina sit cleverly somewhere right in the middle.

The opening song to Savages, ‘Bury Me’, builds up slowly. It starts with faint running and panting and soft electro background sounds, eventually a synthesised intro slowly takes over and it’s not until nearly a minute in that the song really get going.

All the songs then follow an upbeat pattern, somewhere between sounding like they’d make a great concert and filling the floor at a club. The third track, ‘Sellouts’ probably fits the latter the least, with its screamed vocals and comparison to Linkin Park.

There are plenty of potential influences heard throughout this album, despite the unique formula Breathe Carolina have put together. ‘Collide’, both musically and vocally sounds very similar to 3oh!3’s track ‘Don’t Trust Me’ in the verses, but is easier to take seriously as a piece of crafted music.

The following track, ‘Please Don’t Stay’, starts with an acoustic guitar based introduction and is a nice break from the rest of the heavily synthesised tracks. Even here however you can still notice the electronic components, until the computerised music joins the track, and it wouldn’t sound out of place in the charts beside Avicii.

The title track ‘Savages’ is one that finds a happy medium between thumping dance bass and overly guitared rock and would make a great introduction to the band for anyone unsure what to think of the genre mash. The chorus is lead strongly by melodic vocals before flowing into the most electronic aspect of the song in a moment of pure music.

Overall, the album proves that there are new ways to explore music, and we don’t need to get stuck trying to fit everything into one specific genre. The only other band really doing anything like this is Ghost Town, and if you like those guys, you’ll love this.

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