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Breaking Benjamin Rise From The Ashes With Their First Album In Six Years

Breaking Benjamin are back with their fifth album Dark Before Dawn after a six year hiatus. Find out what we thought here!

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

Its no secret that being a band brings some tribulations – and most of the time when you least expect it. Back in 2009, (the year of Breaking Benjamin’s last release Dear Agony), the band faltered into a blackout and remained off-the-radar with many questions unanswered. Last year, everything changed. The Pennsylvanian post-grunge greats announced their reformation – an entirely new line-up, with Benjamin Burnley still in toe. Dark Before Dawn is not only their fifth album, but their long-awaited rebirth.

Their resurrection kicks off with ‘Dark’ – a melancholy and ambient number that taps into the band’s favourite past time; backing audio track. Thrown in the mix with a few ‘ahh’s and oooh’s’ for good measure, it certainly gets the nod of approval in this instance. The instrumental stronghold guides the path into the album’s lead single ‘Failure’. Its a gnarly hard rock number that gives you the sense that Breaking Benjamin are picking right up from where Dear Agony left off.

As expected, Burnley’s vocality and lyrics don’t disappoint throughout. Using predominantly gutsy clean vocals, the odd surprise of screams in tracks such as ‘Breaking The Silence’ sets itself apart from the rest of the 12-track family through its ability to be a no-nonsense riff party, that carries on being heavy to its roaring end.

What’s most surprising though, is that its overwhelmingly unsurprising. You may even call it their Achilles Heel. Whilst their five albums have been consistently tapping into the elements of hard rock and post-grunge that we can’t get enough of, you’d have thought their revival would be a chance to try something new. From ‘The Great Divide’ to ‘Close To Heaven’ – their distortion tendencies and ‘core blimey riffage’ could have easily been at home on previous records.

Its only when you reach the latter ‘Dawn’ that we start to see a softer side – but even then, its an instrumental closer that is a tamer version of opener ‘Dark’. But, what the heck, what are we talking about here? Its been six years since a Breaking Benjamin record, and regardless of a similar musical formulae, they’re back doing what they do best – shredding guitar left, right and centre.

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