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Born Of Osiris – Joiners, Southampton – 12/05/14 | Live Review

We went along to see Born Of Osiris alongside some amazing support in Southampton. Check out what we thought here.

Credit: Romina Andrea

We went down to the Joiners, one of the UK’s best small venues, to watch Born Of Osiris with prestigious supports including: Buried In Verona, Betraying The Martyrs and After The Burial.

Australian band Buried In Verona launched the night in style. Lead vocalist Brett Anderson praised the crowd for arriving so early to watch them and as the set progressed the crowd grew. Performing ‘I Am Hate’ and ‘Illuminate’ with a huge stage presence, Buried In Verona managed to capture the crowd’s attention with tracks selected from their four albums.

Credit: Romina Andrea

Credit: Romina Andrea

Brett introduced ‘Hangin’ Hoes By Their Toes’ by shouting “you guys know this one?” The audience replied with a chorus of familiar lyrics from the track. One of the final songs of the night ‘Maybe Next Time’ completed an all around great performance. The band not only gained the respect of their existing crowd of fans but also, a new following.

Next up were Betraying The Martyrs, a French band led by the influential scream of Aaron Matts and accompanied by the soft vocals produced by keyboard/vocalist Victor Guillet. One of the first tracks of their set – ‘Life Is Precious’ – captured every onlooker’s attention. A combination of smooth vocals, playful riffs and Matts’ scream, plus his persistence to interact with his audience, were all factors which enhanced the instrumentation of the track.

Credit: Romina Andrea

Another song which caught our attention was ‘Man Made Disaster’: a track which involved deathly screams, a ridiculously chaotic mosh pit and plenty of bounces. Other favourites from the set list include: ‘Where The World Ends’ and the last song of the night ‘Because Of You’. This final track gained the biggest reaction of the night so far, in the form of a circle pit which covered the entire Joiners floor.

Songs like ‘Pennyweight’ and ‘Aspiration’ encapsulated a number of After The Burial fans throughout their set. Blending heavy riffs with equally heavy breakdowns/vocals, frontman Anthony Notarmaso led the quintet, closely followed by one of the best live guitarists of our time – Trent HafdahlHafdahl’s musical abilities are unquestionable: the serious experimentation and playful riffs produced from this man’s speedy fingers were enough to gain a huge audience cheer during guitar solos. With wide eyes, the crowd watched as the guitar master head-banged and simultaneously created familiar but unnatural riffs.

‘Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You’ similarly demonstrated the hardcore/metal Minnesota based band’s musical, instrumental and scream-vocal raw talent.

Credit: Romina Andrea

The moment the audience had been waiting for. It was about half ten and everyone was looking either sleepy, sweaty or overly excited. Born Of Osiris entered the stage to a huge eruption, shortly followed by a jump into their first track of the night. As Ronnie Canizaro screamed “take a good hard look at yourself”, the audience immediately recognised that the Chicago based metal band were in the midst of performing ‘Machine’ – one of the most familiar songs of their career. The stink of an overcrowded amount of excitable kids was overwhelming, as was the spray of sweat as numerous head bangers launched into full force during the heaviest parts of the set.

The metal enthusiasts watched one of their favourite bands while repeatedly bouncing and moshing; the energy and electric atmosphere in the room was blatant. Even Ronnie noticed this – “I feel the energy, it’s just going up and up in every song.” 

‘Illusionist’ and ‘Bow Down’ were two of our favourite songs, just because the band did what they do best, blending heavy metal screams with playful riffs, a hint of an electric sound and the heaviest drum beat imaginable. They were undoubtedly on form throughout the set, performing well known tracks in a live environment even better than their recorded version and they even managed to improve throughout the night.

During ‘Two Worlds of Design’ the vocalist tripped over the mike, which any other performer might have been embarrassed by, however Ronnie laughed at his mistake and apologised to the band who had just launched into the track in full force. Restarting the song, the band proved that they could overcome situations like this seamlessly. Concluding with ‘Recreate’ they left the audience in need of a rest and a glass of water – dehydrated, head banged out, with sore feet and ringing ear drums… the perfect way to leave any metal gig.

Review by: Kim Dibble

Photos by: Romina Andrea

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