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Boris The Blade – The Human Hive | Album Review

Melbourne’s favourite deathcore son’s, Boris The Blade, have unleashed their debut album The Human Hive unto the world. Check out our thoughts.

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Over the last few years Australia has turned into a utopia for harbouring some of the planet’s most monstrous metal bands with the likes of Parkway Drive now becoming a household name and death metal bands like Thy Art Is Murder really proving the abudance of  talent that is down under. Carrying on this trend is Boris The Blade, this death metal mob will have you cowering under your duvet as they’re brand new album The Human Hive is a bludgeoning assault of skull crushing riffs, hallowing vocals and blast beats so brutal that moshing just won’t do.

New to the UK, Boris The Blade will no doubt be following in the footsteps of their brothers in Thy Art Is Murder once this album drops – it will no doubt swell their fanbase over here. The Human Hive is not for the faint hearted- as this record shows a band tunnelling their violence onto an album packing more roundhouse kicks than Chuck Norris. Boris The Blade describe themselves as “VIOLENT RUTHLESS MELBOURNE DEATH” and this album does exactly what it says on the tin, it will grapple you into a submission and grab you by the throat as the band lay down some of the most brutal deathcore out there at the moment.

Right from the offset the intensity levels start with maximum velocity as ‘Serpents Crown’ opens up with some brutal machine gun drumming and a face melting riff, it will have you throwing down from the word go. From here on out its much of the same, deathcore is known for having some repetition but its how you use those riffs and breakdowns that really makes the difference. Boris The Blade have conjured up a right stormer here and we just get hit with more bangers as this beast unfolds. ‘Atrophy’ and ‘Desolation’ carry on with that high octane with the band punching with a punishing knock out blow, the vocal work of Daniel Sharp is visceral and demonic – he has the perfect voice for this genre of music.

This album is bursting at the seams with plenty of deathly groove driven riffs that gives this band a bit of an edge, the fret-work on show here is mesmerising but yet haunting. ‘Malevolent’ is made for utter destruction, the riffs are made to rip right through your soul with their demonic nature and Sharp’s squeals are beyond frightening – prepare to mosh! The pace never falters with ‘The Human Hive’ creating this Godzilla sized wall of sound but yet maintaining some melody, whilst ‘Eternal Ruin’ is bellowing with evil vigour.

The Human Hive will allow Boris The Blade’s reputation to go global, as full length debut’s go this will put to sleep anyone begrudging them and their music. What a way to introduce yourselves to the rest of the world, metal fans this is the perfect album for you and this band look to be on a path for future acclaim.

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