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Blitz Kids End The Summer In Style At Butserfest 2014 | Live Review

Blitz Kids ended their summer in style by playing Butserfest. Check out what happened here.

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Blitz Kids have been everywhere this year: festivals, headline shows, support shows, you name it and we’ve seen it. But we still aren’t fed up luckily for them! With this years ‘The Good Youth’ album being the main basis of most sets they play it isn’t a surprise when the set is littered with just tracks solely from it including ‘Perfect’ and ‘Sometimes’. The lads have had enough practice working a crowd, and enough practice on stages of this size. But the stage still isn’t big enough for Joey as he jumps down to join the crowd who for the first time in the day seem interested.

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Sometimes bands lose their sound on an outdoor stage and sound quiet and washed out but Blitz Kids do the exact opposite: Joey’s voice has never sounded stronger. When the sounds of “We Are The Good Youth” resonate around the field and you hear a few hundred teenagers singing the words back you know you’re onto a winner.

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Penultimate track ‘On My Own’ shows off Joey’s vocals even more and allows to just pin point the high notes; something which isn’t always pulled off. Today’s set is solely about fun as guitarist Jono and bassist Nic bound alongside Joey’s energy on stage. It finally seems that half way through the day when Blitz Kids hit the stage that the crowd have woken up and got the memo that it’s okay to sing, dance, jump and do all the things you usually do at rock concerts.

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