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Blacklisters – Adult | Album Review

Blacklisters are set to release their second album this month — check out what we had to say about the noise rock record!

Blacklisters - Adult

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Noise rock quartet Blacklisters are definitely not ones for fitting inside the confines of what society generally expects from the music industry. Adult is their second album, and so the second confirmation of their fervent attempts at proving their originality.

First track ‘Shirts‘ has its very own video that was created by members of Pulled Apart By Horses, who definitely seem to be an influence over Blacklisters’ style and performance. The track is certainly aggressive, and that’s no doubt what the band wants, but it depends on personal preference whether you find it an utter masterpiece… or just a headache.

The band have earned themselves a reputation “as a formidable live act”, and after hearing the energy and determination that they put in to their music, there’s no use trying to dispute it. Blacklisters are no doubt a hardworking band, regardless of whether their brand of ‘alt rock’ is your cup of tea or not, as the insane amount of fire and passion they put in to their tracks is second to none.

Songs like ‘The Sadness Of Axl Rose‘ and ‘Priss‘ show off the band’s humorous side, as they try and weave jokes in to their lyrics. The songwriting is stellar for that very reason, as Blacklisters show versatility between keeping things light and entertaining, and also showcasing the odd serious note which proves they’ve got what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Weasel Bastard‘, despite its title promising the world, actually delivers as an instrumental and it’s a well needed break in between the attack on the brain and ears that the rest of this album is — in a good way, of course! Music can’t all be pop hits and soft rock, you’ve got to have some variety every now and then that can well and truly wake you up.

It cannot be stressed enough that Blacklisters are not for everyone — but, if you’ve never listened to them, how will you know? If you find yourself as an open-minded person in regards to music (or anything!) then definitely give these guys a well-deserved listen. A lot of hard work has clearly gone in to making this record, and you might just find yourself discovering your new favourite band.

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