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Black Temple – It All Ends | Album Review

After changing their name from Odyssey to Black Temple, the Scandinavian trio are back with their latest release It All Ends. Find out what we thought here!

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Source: Album Artwork

After being hailed as a “monster of an album” by In Flames’ very own Anders Fridén, It All Ends had not only sky high support, but sky high expectations from the get go.

From changing their name to Black Temple from Odyssey and signing to a new record label, this noise hungry Scandinavian trio were faced with one thing – reviving themselves as not only fresh-faced and fierce, but bloodthirsty enough to stand head and shoulders above a scene filled with Swedish greats doing hard rock justice.

Renowned for their aggressive nature and savage live presence, It All Ends sees the three-piece try and expand their horizons. From its get go, the album tastefully takes a backseat on the hardcore binary, and amps up with a hardcore melodic heart. Opener ‘Unlikely Event’ fuses thoughtful time changes with Being As An Ocean-like vocals that are punk meets progressive metal.

This change 0f musical standpoint is a theme throughout, and enables the album’s overall message to shine through – life’s ability to take away everything you know in an instance. ‘Oncoming Fire’ and ‘Lowpoints’ pack this in the bucket loads. Their lyrics are almost frighteningly honest with musicianship soaked in low bass lines and anger-fuelled cymbals.

What’s most surprising though is that unlike most albums out there today, there’s no let up in energy. There’s no tender moments or moments that pile the breaks on. Whilst for some people this could make for an album that is too full on, for Black Temple, going slow wouldn’t be true to who they are. What they do instead is genre hop.

One moment you’re in punk land as the guitar sections of ‘Difficult Journey’ send you into a Green Day rapture, whilst the latter flips you right back into an alternative rock world. Its refreshingly complex, even if it all gets a little same-same after a while.

Striving to do Swedish hard rock, Black Temple are a totally refreshed band that not only have the backing of established greats, but all us here at MOSH.

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