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Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects | Beauty Review | May 2014

Enthused by Barry M’s reputation for staying chip-free and with a fast drying action, their new range of Aquarium Nail effects doesn’t disappoint. 


Source: Barry M

As our ultimate favourite go-to brand for stylish tones and wearability, we were more than a little excited for their new release of the Aquarium Nail Effects range from Barry M. Too familiar with active lifestyles and job roles that demand a smart, but equally stylish appearance – nails are one of the toughest things to maintain. While most big name brands can’t keep up the fast pace and chip too quickly to have the time to apply coat after coat, we were hopeful this new range would enthuse the trusted, high reputation created thus far by Barry M.

Comprising a range of six flattering colour tones: Mermaid, Treasure Chest, Caspian, Mediterranean, Arabian and Pacific, we’d already set our sights on the Mermaid tone before considering what complexion and colouring it was suited to – though it didn’t disappoint. A complimentary blend of blues and greens – to which the photos don’t do justice – the shimmer effect is just the perfect balance between bold and subtle.

Optimistic, the initial coat was applied as usual, and although it seemed to take a little longer to dry than normal, the result was the exact intended tone and dried to a perfect finish. Easily applied and a second flick of more polish, the slick and smooth coverage is a winner. There’s also the added bonus that you can apply a different topcoat after for added effect. We recommend something with a sparkle of blue or paler tones for an added kaleidoscope of patterning.

As for removing it, the product came off as easily as it went on, leaving no stain on the nails; so at £3.99, we’ll definitely be trying more from the range, though we admit, we’re slightly hesitant to try the Caspian shade, which seems almost too pale to create the full effect – though we shall see.

A winning success, our only criticism is that there’s not more colours in the range. Lacking a fruity punch of red or yellow, we demand more summer colourings for our nails. Though with that being our only qualm, we can safely recommend the product.

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Reviewer: Julia Powney

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