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Balance and Composure – Kafee Aloys, Eindhoven(NL) – 18/10/14 | Live Review

HTF caught Balance and Composure as their tour made its stop in Eindhoven. Find out what we thought in our review.

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Balance and Composure have had a busy year on the road since they released their album The Things We Think We’re Missing last year. We were lucky enough to catch their set as their tour of this side of the pond made its stop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. One of the great things about this band is despite the talent they possess, they have so much humility. Here’s what we mean. Whilst the guys were setting up their instruments getting ready for their set, one of their own songs started playing on the PA and seeing the looks of disbelief and giddiness made us in the crowd just as happy.

The way that Balance and Composure delivered their performance, it was proof that they are truly masters of their craft. So much that you could see that even they lost themselves in their own music. That’s not very hard, with the amount of emotion that is poured into each of their songs, and even more so live. Between songs from the latest album such as ‘Parachutes’ , ‘Back Of Your Head’ and the night’s best ‘Tiny Raindrop’, favourites from Separation as well as gems from the ol’ back catalogue, the main appeal is that Balance and Composure play music that make you FEEL something.

Energy and emotions are all you would have found in that packed, sweaty room but that was enough. The bar that the show took place in may have been the smallest venue of the entire tour – holding a maximum capacity of 160 people- but the band put in as much heart and effort as we imagine they would in a bigger, sold out venue or to a festival crowd. They had the power to bring a sense of unity into a room that was essentially filled with strangers.

We found out afterwards that vocalist/guitarist Jon Simmons was actually down with a cold, but you honestly could not notice it from the set. With an outstanding live performance as such, Balance and Composure are the kind of band who will influence the upcoming wave of emo bands and still be spoken about in high regard a decade from now. There are still a few weeks left of this tour, if the band is coming anywhere near you we highly recommend you checking them out. It’ll be worth your time.

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