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As Lions – Barfly, Camden – 11/02/2015 | Live Review

Up and coming London based metallers As Lions had a lot to prove at the Barfly. Did they measure up? Find out here.


Source: Official Facebook Page

Picture the scene: You are a talented musician, who’s last band has recently called it a day after years building a base of die hard fans. Your new band, after a pretty short time together, are set to play their first ever gig at the Camden ruddy Barfly. And your dad is Bruce Dickinson. No pressure.

The venue is packed and there’s a buzz of anticipation overhead as the last support finishes. Dickinson’s previous group Rise To Remain were pretty popular, and you get the sense that more than a few in attendance were fans of his previous stuff.

It’s clear from when they take to the stage that As Lions are a different beast entirely. While RtR were grounded in Avenged Sevenfold style melodic metalcore, the sound tonight is more positive, eschewing brutality and fury in favour of melody. They are overflowing with energy and bombast right from the word go, Dickinson handling the crowd like its ten times the size and spurring them on to greater heights.

His vocals are the focal point, the hook to draw you in. His warbling cleans soar over the chugging, steady riffs and his occasional bouts of rasping, harder vocals add a little more bite. The rest of the band play their parts well, with Will Homer and Connor O’Keefe laying down some slick guitar lines and sticksman Dave Fee keeping the tempo high.

Although they are tight and execute each track well, especially considering this is their debut show, they have a lot of work to do. Their sound is arguably too generic, there’s no real dynamic shifts, nothing they do that other bands haven’t done. Possessing a similar energy to a lighter Architects, there’s a serviceable foundation, and their obvious musical talent bodes well, but as it stands right now they’re more cubs than lions.

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