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Apherium – Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here | EP Review

Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here is the second EP from Somerset quartet Apherium. We gave the EP a spin and here’s what we thought of it.

Source: Album artwork

Source: Album artwork

Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here is the second EP from Somerset quartet Apherium. The guys met at college, and bonded through their love of music, and in the past twelve months they have made it their mission to play as many shows as possible. After catching the eye of some local radio stations the confidence within the band grew, giving them the drive to make their ultimate dream a reality. And ETFTBUH is an EP that the band should be well and truly proud of.

This is a really fun EP, with the first track ‘Resolve’  being quite heavy, driven by a fantastic bassline that’s accompanied by an equally as uptempo drum beat. It’s a really hooky track, and dancey too. It’s great to see that there is still some authenticity in the alternative rock scene, that everyone isn’t trying to be carbon copies of Mallory Knox or You Me At Six (the EP was actually produced by John Mitchell who has worked with YMAS, Lower Than Atlantis and Enter Shikari). There are surprises too, with bursts of screaming, however whilst they are a nice surprise, they don’t quite fit on the last two tracks.

Another thing that might not be to everyone’s liking are the lyrics on second track ‘Embrace’ . They’re borderline cringy, but luckily the fantastic production and the marching beat deters you from this. There’s also a really kick ass, post hardcore breakdown, which really should be the main part of the track to really put the band in their own league. It’s as if the song should have been reversed.

The typical empowering lyrical themes in the previous track are soon forgotten with the last song on the EP, ‘Ever Present’. The lyrics are storylike, which is something bands tend to do later on in their career, so it’s great to see the band already dipping a toe into concept terriroty (it would be great to see the band make a concept album in the future). It’s not your typical love song which is a breath of fresh air, paired with incredible vocals from Larry Turner, it makes for a brilliant ending to the EP.

Apherium are a band worth listening to. Their second EP shows incredible attention, with thought provoking lyrics, and a focus on drums and bass which bands often forget about, making them repetitive whilst trying to impress listeners with flashy guitar parts instead. There are surprises on this record, so in future it would be great to see the band delve into other genres and focus on creating more complex music.

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