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Alter Bridge – Fortress (Album Review)

Find out what we thought of the new record from Alter Bridge, here!


Band: Alter Bridge
Release: Fortress (Album)
Release Date: Out now

Classic rock riffs? Check. Epic vocals? Check. Relentless energy? Check. Well it must be an Alter Bridge record then..

Coming up to the Florida rockers 10th anniversary, the former Creed members have done themselves proud with a new release that certainly plays to the band’s strengths, and pushes them into a heavier territory than they have ventured into before.

The opening track, ‘Cry Of Achilles‘ should leave no doubts about the direction this record will be taking. There’s hints of the band’s more ballady past, but its a tougher sound all over for the four piece. Vocalist Myles Kennedy has clearly been keeping in practice since their last record, three years ago, because his voice is essentially flawless. Reaching each note with ease and precision, holding lines with emotion dripping from each word. It’s a shame the lyrics are almost lost in places under the immense guitar riffs, but if that’s a fault, its one of the very few on this record.

Its clear why ‘Addicted To Pain‘  was chosen as the first single. Sounding like a cleaner version of Dragonforce, the track pounds with energy and you can almost imagine the band’s thumbs sliding up and down the guitar neck at lightening speed. Based on the recording, it should be a huge hit on the band’s future tours.

Lover‘ strips down a little, featuring whispered notes, building into a crashing finale, and the dominance of the instrumental part over the beautiful vocals is a nice touch that’s rarely seen in metal tracks.

For a band with so many years behind them, ‘Fortress’ is a surprisingly refreshing record, full of energy and passion enough to counter any newer rivals to the band’s heavy rock status. Alter Bridge may have ten years behind them, but they should have at least a good ten years ahead of them too..


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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