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Alkaline Trio – Leeds Academy – 02/07/2015 | Live Review

Alkaline Trio return to Leeds to show why they are one of the most respected bands in the punk rock world.

Alkaline Trio

Source: Graham Berry

Alkaline Trio have always been the dark heart of the Punk rock scene. Whereas bands like NOFX (co-headliner on this tour) and Blink 182 (Singer Matt Skibas new second job) like to throw in lots of jokes into their sets and their songs this has never been the case with Alkaline Trio. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and because of this they have become a cult phenomenon and the crowd in Leeds welcome them to the stage like the return of the messiah.

What you seem to forget about the band is how many classic songs they have and today we are hit by hit after hit as the band play their breakout album From Here To Infirmary in full. Tracks like ‘Private Eye’ and ‘Stupid Kid are greeted like old friends, sang back to the band at a volume that almost drowns  out the venues PA.

Alkaline Trio

Source: Graham Berry

With Skiba being such a big name in punk rock it is easy to forget that he is not the only vocalist in Alkaline Trio as vocals are shared equally with bassist and co-vocalist Dan Andriano. Both are in fine voice but if you are wanting to hear banter then you are watching the wrong band. Aside from the odd ‘Thank You’ they pretty much let the music do the talking and you know what? Nobody here gives a damn as the songs are what they are here for and they are played with an intense energy that leaves you slack jawed.

The band also dip into tracks from their other albums. They close with an amazing rendition of ‘Radio’ and the crowd just explodes. It’s a welcome return for the band and they have shown here that they have not lost a step. Captivating.

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