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Alexandra Burke – Renegade | EP Review

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Star of The Bodyguard musical and former X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke is back and ready to make a very big splash with her brand new EP which is aptly titled, Renegade.

The five-track piece, which is being released as a free download on 27th April, is Burke’s first release since 2012’s Heartbreak on Hold which was a commercial failure, despite being well received by critics for its innovative sound and impressive vocal performances. This is her third studio release since winning The X Factor in 2008.

The title track is a gritty, rocky song with low and husky vocals. It explores Burke’s nature as a “rebel with a cause”, and how she is relinquishing any chains that may have previously been imposed on her, presumably by records labels. “So call your soldiers off me, I’m breaking out, Be myself and I know war may, So put your weapons down, I surrender every inch of me, Put my hands up for the world to see.”

‘Ain’t That Right’ again sees Burke return to the idea of growing stronger and garnering inner strength to do what she wants to do. The vibrato filled chorus is juxtapose to almost rapped verses, something which she manages to pull off quite well. ‘Don’t Make It Easy’ is a love song which has a softer tone and is minimal in terms of the instrumentation and composition compared to the previous tracks. ‘Hall of Fame’ follows suit, describing a relationship whereby precious moments are captured and put on display in a hall of fame, which Burke professes is a work of art.

On first listen, Renegade sounds as though it doesn’t quite fit in with the current musical styles and trends which are dominating the charts at the moment, due to not fitting in to one particular genre. However, once the EP has been played several times, it starts to sound fresh, new, and quite exciting. It doesn’t have a pop feel, or an R&B feel, or an electronic/dance feel. It really is a renegade in every sense of the word, and it showcases what Burke has been going through over the past couple of years. Currently without a record deal, here’s hoping Renegade makes enough of an impression to get her into a contract, because someone with talent like hers shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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