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Review: We Are Fiction – One For Sorrow (Album)

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Artist: We Are Fiction
Album: One For Sorrow
 Release Date: Out Now

Its fair to say the ‘One For Sorrow’ is one of the highly anticipated debut albums of 2013. UK melodic hardcore band We Are Fiction are eager to fill that hole in you heart the Alexisonfire left when they announced their split. Only a few bands can even compare to them with their unique brand of mixing hardcore screamo vocals with a melodic harmonious set of lungs.

There is no easing into this album, We Are Fiction come in, in full force with ‘Mansion House’. You are instantly greeted with a frenzy of guitars and high-energy choruses. The vocal abilities of Marc Kucharski and Phil Barker set up the album to be a good one. Flowing into ‘Bright Lights’, the vocals really remind me those of Aled Philips of Kids In Glass Houses in some places. This track is everything you want from a rock track, the synchronisation of guest vocalist Marc Halls of Hey Vanity alongside Kucharski and Barker, all the way through to the cheesy gang chants its exactly what you want.

‘My Dreams Are Haunted’ is not only catchy with it’s sing along chorus, but it blends both set of vocals perfectly, showcasing just what this band can do. And also it really reminds me of Attack! Attack! (The welsh one). ‘Sail On’ is a massive track with an epic ending that could easily close out any set whether at a bigger or smaller venue.

Tilt’ is a standout track on the album, because its different. They have captured that vibe that you usually only get listening to Rage Against the Machine, and right in the middle if the track we get a rapper coming on that give the rest of the track a hip-hop undertone. ‘The Worst Of It’, the latest single from the album is another exciting track, its pop punk/melodic hardcore blend contagious anthemic bait mixing a kind of blink-182, Zebrahead, and Mallory Knox brew which makes is very different from everything else on the album.

We think that We Are Fiction are going to be a band we hear a lot about in 2014.


Reviewer: Kayla Elliott

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