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Review: Desolated – Disorder Of The Mind (Album)

Check out what we thought of Desolated’s latest release here!


Band: Desolated
Release: Disorder Of The Mind (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Hailing from Southampton, metal act Desolated are just one of many the bands who are making the most of the ever growing and largely popular hardcore scene – with the release of their second album ‘Disorder Of The Mind‘. This barbarous album consists of what could only be described as an array of aggressive tracks that fans are sure to love.

The heavy essence of the album is drawn upon with five fast paced tracks coming in under 20 minutes. Opening up with powerful anthem ‘Year Of The Snake’, the band’s trademark belligerent sound is evident. Full of crushing riffs, raw screams and a relentless energy, the song makes us want to get our fists at the ready whilst imagining we’re in a chaotic mosh pit.

Next up is ‘Death By My Side’ and ‘Suffering’ – two tracks which are able to capture the beautiful, brutal and basic nature of the album. With ‘Death By My Side’  featuring guttural vocals from front man Paul Williams, we can’t help but think fans of Texas based Pantera would love the hard-hitting anthem.

‘Stung Up’ and ‘Delusions’ are the final two songs on ‘Disorder Of The Mind‘. Continuing with the victorious theme of grinding metal, in both tracks we hear chaotic drum beats mixed with deep guitar riffs to finish things off in a memorable way.

Speaking out about the offering, guitarist Rich Unsworth said, “We really just wanted to make the heaviest, most aggressive record we could. The lyrical theme of the record is depression and the music is a reflection of that. We wanted to make this to vent our aggression – this music is about suffering,” and we couldn’t agree more, with the band producing a captivating second release that is sure worth a listen if you’re a dedicated metal-head .


Reviewer: Emma Matthews

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