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Black Anvil – Hail Death | Album Review

Blackened death metallers Black Anvil have unleashed their fantastic new album ‘Hail Death’, check out our thoughts here!

PromoImage‘Hail Death’ is the latest offering from blackened death metal titans, Black Anvil who have found themselves fast becoming one of the most revered names in the death metal scene. With this being their third album, the band have fully hit their stride on this record with an epic amalgamation of thrash elements and those hallowing blackened vibes that could well make this a defining moment for the genre as a whole. The ferocious technicality and epic song writing has allowed this band to push even more boundaries, with their sound maturing to create a complete game changer.

Racking in at just over an hour and 10 minutes, you should by no means be put of by this albums length. Instead of being a slog to get through, the unique songcraft and riff wizardry on display here has enough substance to keep you fully engaged from start to finish. It’s a complete journey into the mysterious world of blackened metal, with eerie interludes that have you flirting with the devil and riffs so bludgeoning it creates this supernatural experience. Black Anvil have taken influences from 1980’s thrash and transformed them into a concoction of hallowing black metal, which has led to a sound that is both invigorating and sophisticated.

‘Still Reborn’ sets us up with an thrash inspired intro, that could well be found on any 80’s Metallica record, it transpires into this assault of face-melting riffs and visceral vocal work – its a real powerhouse that is made to summon any demonic creature. This record shows a band coming into their own, honing their impressive talents into an album that has unleashed hell upon the plains of Earth. The axe work throughout has created full blooded savagery with the riffs becoming the cornerstone of this bands writing, they are drenched in darkness that will melt the face of any mere mortal. ‘Redemption Through Blood’ harbors one of the most monstrous solos on the album, with its ever changing tempo creating a truly colossal assault on the ear drums, but in the best possible way!

Being one of the shortest tracks on the album, ‘Eventide’ becomes one of the stand out tracks with its pulsating riff ripping through your soul – will haunt you for days to come. ‘My Hate Is Pure’ shows the elements of thrash, with it’s full throttle of blistering guitars, machine gun drumming and raw vocals making it perfect for any head banger. It will no doubt bring you to your knees. Coming to a head, the 11 minute Behemoth that is ‘Next Level Black’ gives us a sense that this band really are on the next level, when it comes to variants in black metal there isn’t many bands who can escape their sound and develop musically, but this band have done the spectacular!

This album has shown that what Black Anvil are doing here is truly innovative and Hail Death deserves to be recognised as a turning point for Black Metal. As album goes, this definitely has all the potential to be an earmark in this genre in years to come, what has been done here will be case for future acclaim!

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