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Anti-Mortem – New Southern | Album Review

Anti-Mortem make a storming debut with their first full length album New Southern, see what we thought of it here!

American hard rock and metal needs some more young blood injected into it, to bring it back up to its flawless standards. With most people too quick to judge a band, as Metallica wannabe’s – this snobbery is causing bands to give up their dreams, but with Anti-Mortem they are sticking it to the man. The baby faced quintet from the deep south have an average age of 21, but don’t let that throw you, whilst this album is bursting at the seams with all the youthfulness you would expect – the band clearly have old heads upon their shoulders, with New Southern producing moments of pure genius.

This is straight up southern rock n roll, with a spice of thrash added in there for good measure, imagine mixing up the soulful sound from Black Stone Cherry and the shredding from Metallica, et viola you get Anti-Mortem. As debut album’s go, New Southern, is a clear sign of this bands intent on taking on the metal world with their blend of big hitting guitars and pumping bass lines – it is the perfect way to kick start their career.

Opening track ‘Words Of Wisdom’ is a great way to acclimatize your ears to what this band are all about. Its angsty guitar riff erupts like volcano, it introduces us to a band intent on bringing a slice of fried gold – it shreds, it squeals and quite frankly it is perfect for unified head banging. Lead singer Larado Romo shows us what his pipes of gold can do throughout this album, at such a young age he already has this solid singing style, that will leave the likes of Hetfield looking over their shoulder. What ever ‘it’ is, this guy has it and it helps defines this band’s sound, that voice will forever resonate with you.

As the album unfolds we start to realize that this is a utopia for potential anthems, title track ‘New Southern‘ is an off the wall banger, which will no doubt ignite mass sing-a-longs in the live circuit. Anti-Mortem really hit their stride with the ‘100% Pure American Rage’ and ‘Stagnant Water’ with pure heavy metal riffage raising the stakes. The choruses are huge and the melodies are electrifying, the bluesy tinge to their thrash metal sound creates a sound that is yet refreshing and relevant to the modern day rock fan. It’s gritty, whiskey drenched metal that takes influence from all the big name players such as Lynyrd Skynrd, Metallica and Down. ‘Ride Of Your Life‘ brings some brooding vocal work from Romo as the riff smashed through your speakers. Seeing us out is the bluesy ‘Jonesboro’, which feels like a true American story, one of those tales passed down the family line – its infectious and leaves you questioning life itself.

For such young shoulders, they carry mature heads that has allowed New Southern to come armed with a sound that could well lead to future acclaim. Once these tracks get more exposure, expect some of them to turn into pure anthems.

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