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Ab Soul – These Days | Album Review

Check out what HTF thought of Ab Soul’s new album ‘These Days’!

Source – Official Album Cover

Ab Soul is a twenty seven year old American Rapper who originates from Germany. His real name is Herbert Anthony Stevens. He is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment which have also signed Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Isaiah Rashad and many others.

The albums kicks off with TDE’s First Lady SZA on ‘God’s Reign’. Her vocals are angelic and she puts the album into ignition. It’s almost feels like you’re in a maze trying to find a way out. SZA voice speaks through the song and reflects Ab Soul interior thoughts. “Tree of Life” produced by Curti$$ King and DJ Dahi starts off with a French dialogue. It reflects the old Ab-Soul that we have seen progress over the years. The beat is light and is not as heavy as usual and he goes into an old school lullaby ‘K I S S I N G’ which gives the song a playful vibe. On this track he bears similarities to Nas.

Ab-Soul recruited Schoolboy Q for ‘Hunnid Stax’. The chorus is appealing and will have you lingering onto the beat. He makes you want to spend ‘hunnid stax for the rest of your life’. The beat is dense but Ab-Soul doesn’t fulfill his whole potential on this track. This is the same for ‘Sapiosexual’, produced by J Cole, the song lacks content and has wasted this beat. Nevertheless “World Runners” which features Lupe Fiasco he steps up his game. The hard crushing beat compliments Lupe Fiasco use of smart word play and juxtaposition.

The album is then turn up a full notch, with “Nevermind That” which features Rick Ross. This splendid beat is produced by The Kathy. Rick Ross supplements and changes up his style whilst rapping to a soft Rnb melody. The bass guitar has a mind of its own and the riffs created by the vocalist takes you on a voyage.

“TWACT” is a definite club banger and will have you skanking like your high off an energy drink however it lacks creativity and it just an average song which has no substance but “Just Have Fun” (produced by Like and Blended Babies) resurrects the previous track. The claps at the beginning of the track kicks it off, then it falls in a break which features the ‘white’ Ab Soul. This showcases his comical personality.

It then leads into “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” featuring the genius himself. Producer Terrace Martin uses saxophones, trumpets and jazz oriented melodies. The ensemble of the instruments bring Kendrick’s verse to life. Kendrick explosive rap is well suited to the beat. It’s a perfect combination as the singer on the chorus sings ‘life is traffic jam’.

“Closure” the tenth song off the album brings your emotions to the surface and you self-consciously take a look at your own life. The album closes off with the help of Danny Brown and Delusional Thomas on ‘Ride Slow’ who both demolishes the beat with their own unique impeccable style.

This is a great effort  made by Ab-Soul. On the album there are great songs that connect with the listener but sometimes it feels like he slips up occasionally but he still manages to land on his feet. Overall Ab-Soul has out done himself and created a solid album.

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