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50 Cent – Aminal Ambtition | Album Review

50 Cent releases his latest ablum ‘Aminal Ambtition’, click to see what we thought of his album.

Source – Official Artwork

50 cent is a American hiphop legend in his own right with legendary tracks such as ‘Candy Shop’ and ’Ayo Technology’. He is not only a rapper but a businessman and an actor with a net worth of $140 million. He recently performed at Hot 97 Summer Jam and shut it down when the members of G-unit joined him on stage.

The album kicks with ’Hold On’ which showcases the old school 50 cent that we have all grown to love. The graceful beat shares the similarities of a J Dilla track. This track will have you nodding your head and leaving you in a trance. Yo Gotti features on ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout It. This track takes it back to the hood; it has that hard British grime sound. The beat in ‘Animal Ambition’ is nasty. The album is finally in ignition. The coordination of the sounds gears the track into the right direction ’I got the animal, animal ambition’ sings 50 cent. This is dramatizes by a lion growling at the beginning of the track. 50 cent is letting the world know that he is back for good.

50 refers to himself as a ‘Pilot’ which is the next track off the album. He fails to please with this song. He has a weak delivery on this and doesn’t fulfil his potential and unfortunately crashes. However there is still hope as he takes off with ‘Smoke’ which features Trey Songz. They both balance each other out on this track. The mixture of hip-hop and R&B created an orgasmic sensation.‘Everything Time I Come Around’ is the sixth track off the album. Kidd Kidd ignites the track with a smooth delivery of his verse.. ‘Irregular heartbeat’ sounds very similar to the previous track. This track is empty and lack differentiation. It’s seems like he’s run out of creative ideas as he sings on the next track that he’s ‘a hustler baby‘.

‘Twisted’ is definitely a club hit with the slaps on the drums commanding the song which features Mr Probz on the chorus, his soft ragged voice that we know from his hit song ‘Waves’ serenade the track efficaciously. ‘Winner circle’ feels out of place and should have been the last track to bring the album to a close. Instead the album ends with New York’s finest The Prodigy, Kidd Kidd, & Style P on ‘Chase The Paper’ .

On reflection, the songs that stand out are Animal Ambition, Smoke and Twisted. Although 50 cent doesn’t reach his maximum output on each song, credit should be given to him as he has been off the radar for a while. This eleven track comeback album is definitely worthy of high praise.

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