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5 Seconds Of Summer – Sounds Good Feels Good | Album Review

The divisive Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer are back with a number 1 album!

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

5 Seconds Of Summer are, in their own way, the epitome of pop punk; influenced by rock and regularly working with Good Charlotte’s Madden twins, yet topping pop charts worldwide. The debate over which side of the fence they belong on will never truly be put to rest. Sounds Good Feels Good, however, feels heavily influenced by the various co-writers brought in from producer, John Feldman’s, extensive contact list.

Money’ opens with a fun little snippet from the studio; giving an insight into the fun these four guys have working together. The song then kicks in immediately with vocals, guitars and drums hitting you all at once. The song’s feel follows in the same vein as All Time Low, an upbeat pop punk tune that sounds like so much fun, it’s doubtful anyone is really going to care about the lyrics.

The second track is the lead single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’, which is probably one of the best songs on the record for capturing the true 5 Seconds Of Summer. While this is a track the aforementioned Maddens helped out on, there isn’t really an instantly obvious connection to any other band. The mish-mash of sounds in the verse, ranging from sound effects to a xylophone, makes way for some hard-hitting guitar in the chorus, letting the bands rock roots shine through.

This is followed by yet another single, but a very different critique. While ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ is distinctly 5SOS, ‘Hey Everybody’ is just a rehashing of Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’. It’s unsurprising to check the writing credits and see Simon Le Bon and co had a hand in it. Despite the chorus’ being much less 80s pop, it’s really overshadowed by the undeniable resemblance in the verses.

It would seem the bands calling is the slower, more ballad like tracks. They proved their worth at these with the release of ‘Amnesia’ as a single from the previous album. There are a lot more songs following that direction here; ‘Jet Black Heart’, ‘Vapor’ and ‘Invisible’ just to name a few.

The stand out of these slower tracks though, is yet another Madden aided effort, ‘Broken Home’. The introduction’s guitars are a little similar to ‘Adams Song‘ by blink-182, so you immediately know the emotions are going to hit hard. When strings kick in to, there is no hope, you are going to get emotional. But, the thing that really makes the track is Michael Clifford’s vocal in the bridge. There is such a raw emotional quality to his voice and it really makes those more passionate moments.

Overall, it is a great album, but it would just be great to see them really find their own distinct sound. There are many moments we do glimpse it here amongst the All Time Low-esque energy and Good Charlotte, Cardiology-esque harmonies. What we’d really love to see is an album written entirely by Ashton, Luke, Mikey and Calum. ‘Fly Away’ and ‘Airplanes’ proves they have the ability. Now they need to push themselves.

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