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4 Reasons Why The Lounge Kittens Were The Best Choice To Open Download Festival On Saturday

The Lounge Kittens opened the second Stage on Saturday morning at this years’ Download Festival. Here are four reasons that they were the best choice to open the stage!

The Lounge Kittens

Source: Derek Bremner

The Lounge Kittens opened the Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday morning at this years’ Download Festival and amidst the rain they showed their true greatness. Here are four reasons that they were the best choice to open the stage!

They provided download with some much needed glamour

That’s not to say that the rest of the Download performers didn’t make an effort, but there’s no denying that the beautiful trio of ladies added a touch of glamour that Download Festival needs. Their outfits are always something special, but to wear tight dresses and heels in the rain gets huge kudos from us!

Their Marilyn Manson cover

Who doesn’t want to hear a Marilyn Manson track covered acoustically by three sirens? If you pop onto the girls YouTube channel there are a load of tracks from Limp Bizkit’s ‘Rollin’ to Steel Panther’s ‘Gloryhole’ but the girls are not afraid of hard work creating new tracks for every event. As Manson was headlining the Zippo stage later that night, it only seemed appropriate. Plus ‘The Beautiful People’ sung acoustically really makes you realise how odd the lyrics are.

The girls don’t take themselves too seriously

It seems that this trio may well be the perfect package: they’re glamorous, beautiful, create clever tracks which are sung spot on, but they’re also quite funny too. When introducing themselves they’re the first one’s to joke about how tall Zan Kitten is, how stupid Jenny Kitten is and how some people think Timia Kitten is a man. This just adds to their charm.

Their Download medley

Not sure about some of the tracks they’ve previously played? Not a Marilyn Manson or Andrew WK fan? Well the trio ended their 25 minute set with a download medley they made especially for the occasion featuring tracks from 15 bands over the weekend. The harmonies and vocals were spot on and we’re sure this must have taken bloody ages to put together.

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