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Tom DeLonge In Public Show Of Outrage Following Blink-182 Exit.

Tom DeLonge may well have gone to the next level with his hate for ex-band Blink-182. Find out what he’s done next.

Blink 182

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The whole Tom DeLonge leaving Blink-182 ordeal seems to have been going on for ages now, creating a twist and turn, a new secret revealed, and more questions every few days, now it seems that Tom has become a bit more open with regards to his feeling towards his old band members, and their new temporary vocalist.

Within the last two days, it seems Tom has quite openly burnt what seems to be all the memorabilia from his Blink-182 days in a sign of defiance against his old band members. It isn’t news that he was disgruntled with a new contract offered to him, with such clauses as a new album having to be recorded within 6 months, and temporarily banned the release of any other side projects in the works. What is new, is this public display of disappointment, with, what was described as a a 4 ft wide bonfire of Blink-182 memorabilia.

Tom has since been questioned with regards to this and has explained his reasons:
It isn’t every day that you feel betrayed by some of the people you call your closest friends, but to be given what was essentially an ultimatum to sign the new contract, and break everything I had already worked on for a while, or leave, I didn’t have a choice. This is a sign for me to release the old, and go forwards with my new life.” He went on to explain what Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba’s involvement in the band meant to him. “I find it personally insulting that they replaced me so easily. And it’s incredibly disrespectful that Matt has jumped into my grave so quickly“. Tom then seemed to go off on a rant about the band, and specifically Matt, at one point calling him “literally worse than Hitler“.

This fiasco is like the gift that keeps on giving, a living soap as you will. We can’t wait to see what come out next.

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