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Slipknot Themed Christmas Lights Get Everyone Into The Festive Spirit

Who’d have thought Slipknot and Christmas would ever be combined to such wonderful effects. See the light show that’s impressing everyone here.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

Christmas is a happy, fun, festive time of year. So who would have thought you could combine it with one of the scenes most popular heavy metal bands? Apparently, Slipknot and Christmas are a great mix, as Sleigher Bob (as his Facebook page dubs him) has discovered. Bob has gradually earned an internet following with his epic, headbang worthy light displays, and this years happens to feature ‘Psychosocial‘ by the Iowan collective.

The lights are timed perfectly to the track, with appropriate images illuminated in a makeshift tree. This includes a shredding guitarist, some lyrics and even a screaming face.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a snowman headbang while Santa plays the guitar, you can watch the lightshow below. Guess it’s a bit Psycho-ho-ho-social!

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