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Pedal To The Metal – Was Rock To Blame For Fateful Jeremy Clarkson Punch Up?

Details have emerged surrounding what may be contributing factors in the notorious Top Gear-gate punch scandal. Was music to blame?

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

In yet another twist to the ongoing saga of Jeremy Clarkson and his punchy fists, sources close to the Top Gear presenter have revealed that a surprising source may have been a contributing factor to the incident: Music.

The unnamed production staff member (who has obviously insisted on anonymity since the details surrounding death threats to the head of the BBC have emerged) revealed that both Clarkson and his floppy-haired friend James May had been out for a few at a local pub before returning to the York hotel where the incident occurred.

“It had just so happened that a local covers band were playing a set at the pub we’d gone to just after filming wrapped” says the source. “Obviously Jeremy and James’s tastes are more in the old-school, and when the band started belting out covers of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden the boys got a bit rowdy.”

But there could have been no guessing that things could turn uglier when they returned to the hotel where producer Oisin Tymon was settling catering plans. “We all know Jeremy likes to have a drink, but we’ve seen him that drunk lots of times and nothing like this has ever happened. I think it could have been a combination of factors, and the band could have been one”.

As usual, metal and rock music get blamed for violence and drunken stupidity. We’ll keep you posted on how the story continues to develop.

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