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More Messy Band Firings Via Social Media – Kim Dylla (Vulvatron) Out Of GWAR

There has been drama unfolding in camp GWAR. Take a look at the full extent of it here.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It was reported on GWAR‘s Facebook on 7th May, that, after only a few months with the band, Kim Dylla, who played the ‘role’ of Vulvatron, was being let go. This seemed to come as quite a shock to Dylla, who claims that her band mates never actually told her they were parting ways with her.

The statement, by Brent Purgason otherwise known as Pustulus Maximus, claimed that:

Kim did a great job, but we wanted to go a different direction with the Vulvatron character. You will absolutely see more of Vulvatron in the future, just not portrayed by Kim. There is no ill will, no acrimony, and no drama. We respect Kim’s talent without question, it just isn’t what we needed in the character.

Dylla took to social media to publicly announce that she had learnt through posts and from messages that she would no longer be working with the band.


It was reported that Purgason then commented on her post, defending himself. He claims that the band told her that she would no longer be a part of GWAR. Dylla then stated that she was let go under the impression that her character would no longer be a part of GWAR‘s story unless they saw fit to reintroduce Dylla herself to the band.

Eventually, Purgason took to his own Facebook to announce exactly what had gone down between Dylla and the band. In his post he claimed that she regularly showed up to gigs drunk, even after being asked not to as it was affecting her performance. “The final straw was when you were so inebriated you broke a bone on stage during the show. Not cool,” he wrote. “It wasn’t like we never said anything to you. We told you again and again from individual band member to tour manager and you didn’t listen.

This was only a small part of his explanation as he recounted her whole journey with the band. It didn’t take long for Dylla to engage in an argument in the comments however, resulting in the following conversation.

GWAR drama

So far, this is where the drama ends. It seems that the future of GWAR will still feature the character of Vulvatron, they will just cast another musician.

What is your take on how the band handled this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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