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Jamie Jazz Says Goodbye To King Blues

It may have been short and sweet but Jamie Jazz has decided to leave the recently reformed King Blues. Here are the reasons for his departure.

Source: promo picture from The King Blues' Facebook

Source: promo picture from The King Blues’ Facebook

The King Blues only announced they were getting back together a few short months ago. Since then they have released a new album that takes the band back to their roots, a blazing, anger filled record that takes apart the current government. They have also been out on the road as support to Enter Shikari  and now on the day they were announced for Slam Dunk Festival, founding member and guitarist Jamie Jazz has announced he is departing the band.

Thankfully this time it is not because of in band fighting but due to the fact Jamie has realised that his desires have changed and it is simply not what he wants to be doing anymore. In a statement on the bands Facebook page he had this to say………

“After spending an awfully long time thinking about this and confiding in those closest to me as well as the rest of the band, I had decided to part ways with The King Blues. Now before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that there is has been no major falling out, there is no bad blood or any arguments whatsoever between us. I have just simply come to a point in my life that my desires have changed; my goals in life have changed and what I want to achieve musically has changed and sadly those changes do not match up with being an active member of The King Blues anymore.

These past few shows have been amazing and for a kid who grew up in Wood Green, playing my final show TKB at Alexandra Palace is a fitting end to a wonderful story.

I will continue to make music in someway or form, probably with Bleach Blood, maybe under a new name, but thats to come.
To all the previous band members, love me or loathe me, its been a pleasure to have shared the road with you in the unique, one of kind experience that it is to be in a band.

To all the labels, agents, press teams, video creators, interns and CEO’s, everyone unseen who helped us along the way, thank you.
To all the bands I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with around the world, thank you. Some of you we’re my heroes, some I saw as competition, but nearly all of you became my friends.

To all of the fans that have supported us past, present and indeed, the future, I literally don’t have the words to express my gratitude for your immense love and belief in us. Some bands have great fans, but TKB fans are the greatest and I mean mean that from the bottom of my heart, I truly do. Even after 4 years away you stood by our sides and never let us be forgotten, then welcomed us back with open arms. You know, just thinking about that and typing it out has reduced me to tears. I love you all.

And finally, to my brothers Itch and Mike. Thank you for having me back for this last ride. They said it would never happen, but it did and it was amazing. I can not wait to see what you have in store for the future of The King Blues. I love you both.”

So there you have it, Jamie may be gone but The King Blues will continue onwards and upwards. We here at Mosh wish Jamie all the best in his future endeavours.

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