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Ice Nine Kills Reveal Scary New Song ‘Enjoy Your Slay’

If you like your horror horrifying and your metalcore catchy then you’re probably going to love Ice Nine Kills’ latest offering ‘Enjoy Your Slay’. Listen to it here.

ice nine kills

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If you love horror and metalcore, then you’re probably going to enjoy the new Stephen King inspired song from Ice Nine Kills; ‘Enjoy Your Slay’.

Based on classic horror novel The Shining, ‘Enjoy Your Slay’ features guest vocals from Sam Kubrick of Shieds. Oh, and did we also forget to mention that he just happens to be grandson of Stanley Kubrick who directed the film version of The Shining?

Ice Nine Kills left the basis of their new song in the hands of their fans, who had the option of choosing between a song based on The Shining or one based on Robert Bloch’s Psycho, and The Shining came out on top.

Not only does the song sound pretty awesome, but the video isn’t too bad either! Don’t believe us? Check out the brand new song and video below:


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