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Cancer Bats Give A Sneak Behind the Scenes Of Album Number Five

Cancer Bats post episode number 2 of their making of series.

Cancer Bats

Source: Promo Image

Canadas greatest export and everyones favourite hardcore wrecking crew Cancer Bats have released episode two of their online video series documenting the making of their upcoming album. The bands highly anticipated fifth album Searching For Zero is released this March and this video series give you an exclusive peek behind the curtain of what it has taken to make the record.

In this second episode Cancer bats talk about what it is like to work with the legendary producer Ross Robinson on the album. For those who don’t know, Robinson was seen as the genius behind the scenes in creating some of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time. For example At The Drive In, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Glassjaw have all worked with the producer on numerous occasions and site the man as a genius. I think you will all agree we are in safe hands then with this new album from the Toronto punks.

You can watch below the latest episode and hear from the band themselves what it is like to work with Robinson and here a few riffs off of what is sure to be another killer album from the bats!

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