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Turnstile’s New Video Is The Leading Name In Creating Brain Soup

Turnstile have just upped the game for ludicrous music videos, here’s ‘Addicted’.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Baltimore hardcorers Turnstile have just dropped a new music video, and it is completely insane. The animated number is for their song ‘Addicted’ and features a seemingly sentient flying chicken leg and a shape-shifting canine. “The song is about over-dependence and discontent. It’s about the battle for the super drug.” Intrigued? Let’s take the video apart and analyse the crazy as best we can. 

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

What The Cluck?

We weren’t joking about the music videos poultry protagonist. A chicken leg literally descends from the clouds like a meteorite to cause chaos between our two animated people folk. Well, we say people; one of them is a dog. He’s weird…

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