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First Impressions Of Moose Blood – It’s Too Much

Moose Blood have released a brand new single entitled ‘It’s Too Much’. Here’s our first impression…

Moose Blood

Source: PR

This week Moose Blood released a brand new single entitled ‘It’s Too Much‘, taken from their upcoming album I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore. The track is the second single to be released from their third studio album, which is scheduled for release on March 9.

Moose Blood have always been described as “emo” rather than “pop-punk”, unlike the sort of bands they tour with. The introduction of ‘It’s Too Much‘ goes as far as to immediately confirm the label, starting with a slow-burning guitar riff that pairs nicely with a steady drumbeat.

The melody doesn’t change too much throughout, focusing more on dark, desperate vocals from Eddy Brewerton. I don’t find it to be vastly different from any of their previous material but I think it does manage to assert that Moose Blood have matured in the time between this release and 2016’s Blush. The general consensus from their fans is that it’s a tearjerker, with many taking to Twitter to express their feelings towards it:





Need something to kickstart the waterworks? Looks like this is the song for the job.

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