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Young Thug – Barter 6 | Mixtape Review

After all the controversy surrounding Tha Carter 6 album, comes Young Thug’s Barter 6 mixtape. Read our review here.

Young Thug’sBarter 6‘ mixtape – formally known as the Carter 6 album – has been causing controversy since it’s announcement and Young Thug has been causing controversy since he burst on to the scene. Thug still annoys every corner of hip hop with his music, language, fashion sense and all round aesthetic. Barter 6 is the first real test to Young Thugs relevancy and staying power.

Young Thug can make good music, but Barter 6 isn’t as immediate as his previous efforts. That’s not to say it doesn’t have surprisingly strong moments, just that Thug is trying to give the fans what they want and it’s obvious his heart isn’t quite there anymore. Opening with the plodding ‘Constantly Hating‘ can be summed up simply as: if Birdman has the strongest verse on a song, it’s probably filler.

The production gets slightly more adventurous on ‘Dome‘. Thug decides on a warble/cry during the chorus and somehow it works. Thug is always at his best when he embraces his eccentricities. From here the tape picks up. Singer Jacquees takes on actual singing duties, allowing Thug’s crooning to take a backseat and to concentrate on actual rapping.

The latter half of the tape has more tailored production and Thug really cuts loose. The mood shifts down, Thug is more focused and actually creates really strong moments. The closing tracks on the tape are the strongest. ‘Numbers‘ sees Thug rapping over emotional piano keys, predicting his future whilst assessing the dangers of his surroundings. It is a little hard to comprehend with his trademark drawl, but the mood of the track is certainly palpable.

The tape closes with ‘Just Might Be‘ where Thug uses a rapid fire flow as his chorus with the song discussing a slightly cynical look at the attention be’s receiving. It closes the tape on an interesting note. The instrumental suggests deeper content than Thugga is delivering, but he does allow the atmosphere to weigh the track down with more meaning.

Barter 6 isn’t out of the gate “club ready” like some of his other work, and there is nothing here to convert any haters. What it does show is that Young Thug is growing with the slightly more cerebral moments as the most rewarding. The tape can only mean that the project where Young Thug fully connects with his voice will be a genuinely exciting one.

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