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Yelawolf – Love Story | Album Review

Yelawolf returns with his second studio album!

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Yelawolf finally releases his second studio album, Love Story. Prior to this albums release, Yelawolf has worked with Ed Sheeran on The Slumdon Bridge EP, Travis Barker on the Psycho White EP, his own solo EP, Trunk Muzik Returns, and has featured on last years Shady Records collaboration album, Shady XV. Despite working with some incredible talent over the past 5 years though, there’s been little evidence of personal progression since his debut album Radioactive.

This new album sees Yelawolf still stay true to his niche of being the white, red neck rapper from Alabama, but also see’s him dig deeper into his native culture and provides more meaningful lyricism by establishing a defiant sonic direction of a somewhat Johnny Cash meets rap persona.

The intro skit, ‘Outer Space‘, sets the album’s tone and prepares fans for Yelawolf’s change of sound. It starts with him murmuring to himself about being kicked out the house – the house being hip-hop- and references his public arguments with Lord Jamar and Charlamagne Tha God over white rapper’s relevancy in hip-hop. Yela uses sounds of alien abduction here as a metaphor of taking people out their comfort zones and finding different worlds within hip-hop. The struggle in his voice emotes the constant resistance for people to change within the scene.

This new country/rap direction compliments his niche style and allows Yelawolf to deliver songs with deeper meanings. ‘Disappear‘ hears a youthfully Yelawolf talking to his Daddy, who ultimately turns out to be Jesus. This trend continues in ‘American You’ where he examples the perfect American child who goes to church every Sunday in the hook to then tell the harsh reality of children growing up in America in the verses. His use of lyrics to paint a vivid picture is clear evidence of Yelawolf’s progression.

This 18 track album does drag at times though and sometimes milks the red neck/country-style which can be heard in ‘Whisky In The Bottle‘. The mood and instrumentals come off as cheesy rather than authentic, which can make it hard to appreciate what Yela’s saying.

Overall, the wait has paid off as Yelawolf has produced an album that stands out from the crowd and see’s him become a proud spokesman for a culture that isn’t always respected in the hip-hop world. His image may not be to everyones taste, but you have to accept that Love Story is by far Yelawolf’s best album to date.

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