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Raekwon Says There’s Lack Of Respect Among Wu-Tang Clan Members

Check the latest update on the controversy surrounding what could be the finale for hip-hop’s most pivotal group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

WuTang-ClanRaekwon speaks on ‘A Better Tomorrow’, says he wants the album to be made in harmony.

It has been quite some time since it was revealed that a Wu-Tang Album will be released in honor of their 20 year anniversary. In the time since the creation of such an album was announced, a handful of updates have been made in regards to the project.

During an interview with Gratland late last year, RZA revealed that Ghostface Killah and Raekwon had been largely absent when it concerned recording material for ‘A Better Tomorrow’. According to RZA, Ghostface had been “20 percent present” while Raekwon hadn’t “shown up at all.”

Roughly three months after RZA’s interview, Raekwon has shared the reason as to why he’s been absent from the recording process for Wu-Tang’s album. While speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Rae stressed the fact that business needs to be done properly before he’ll join in on the project.

“Yo, all I can say is like—it’s business. You know? I would never put my family—First of all, you know that’s the mothership,” the Wu-Tang spitter said. “Never ever ever gonna violate that, but at the same time it’s 20 years later, b. And business gotta be done correctly. I wanna be happy. You know what I mean? I wanna do this album in harmony. I wanna do it most likely—I wanna do it in the best way because, you know, brothers already said that’s the last joint. And that right there was like—I found out like y’all found out.”

In addition to issues concerning business, Raekwon says a lack of communication and respect among members has also kept him from taking part in ‘A Better Tomorrow’.

“And I feel like it always be a lack of communication and the respect as men as somebody, as people who built this thing together,” he said. “You know? It wasn’t just one cat that—you know, he masterminded it of course. And I love him for that. And I’m always loyal cause he came and grabbed me out the street. But today being a 40-year-old man and having three seeds and having to deal with taxes and this and that, whenever I’m on the dance floor it’s business. You know what I’m saying? It’s business. It ain’t no disrespect. Don’t hit me with the brotherhood because that’s unconditional right there. Don’t use that as a shield. And a lot of times it’s like I watched them battle me and do certain things because I guess they feel like ‘Yo, Rae’s moving. We ain’t in control of Rae, so Rae’s gonna be the big problem.’ I’m running a business too. I got a label thing going on. It’s like my time is serious. You know what I mean? Cause I’m trying to build my artists and spread my legacy in a great way.”

Raekwon later summed up his concern over ‘A Better Tomorrow’ by simply stating that there are a lot of issues involving the album, issues he says have a lot to do with the business aspect.

“It’s a lot of issues. I’m not here to bad mouth none of them,” Raekwon said. “Cause it ain’t really got nothing to do with the Wu, it’s really more the business people, the owners…So, they innocent. But yeah it got a lot to do with a lot of things. Especially paper. Because at the end of the day I work hard for my paper.”

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