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Nicki Minaj’s Most Explicit Artwork To Date

Nicki Minaj famous derriere is plastered on the cover of her new single which is yet to be released. Check out HTF for more details.

Official Artwork

Nicki Minaj must be a very confident woman. She bears all in her latest cover for her new single ‘Anaconda’. Nicki appears to be in a G-string and a pair of blue Jordan’s. Since this picture appeared on social media, some have praised her whilst others have spoken about their disgust. Nicki has been very outspoken on the  topic of double standards. She argues that supermodel can get away with it, so what is the problem. Nicki calls herself a ‘icon’ and female leader in her own right. But what message is this sending to her fans around the world. Beyoncé wouldn’t steep this low or is Nicki just trying to sell her new album?

The single ‘Anaconda’ will be off her new album ‘The Pink Print’. This song will be available on iTunes July 28th to purchase. Let us know what you think. Feel free to comment down below.


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