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Lolawolf – Plymouth Pavilions – 29/11/14 | Live Review

We went to see New York’s Lolawolf take on Plymouth!

Source: Chris Hines / HTF

When you go to see an act like Lily Allen you kind of expect the support act to be something quite upbeat, fun and maybe a bit smiley. What you don’t expect is New York’s Lolawolf who, quite frankly, are just too cool for Lily’s audience tonight.

Fronted by the mysterious Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny), Lolawolf’s unique blend of electro, hip-hop/R&B seemed more suited to an audience about to watch M.I.A or Azelea Banks than Lily singing ‘LDN’ and ‘Fuck You’. As Zoe commanded the stage with her baggy tee and braids, her band mates, made up of members of Reputante, delivered a glitchy, deep and moody soundtrack that quite frankly was lost on most of tonight’s audience. That’s not to say that Lolawolf’s performance was bad, far from it, but their vibe was definitely more suited to smoking weed at home or maybe a session getting down and dirty.

As far as their performance goes, they can’t really be faulted. As stated, the band just oozed cool and, without having to really do too much, they managed to create a presence that kept you watching throughout. Give these a small club filled with smoke and an audience of stoned hip-hop heads and it could be something magical.

Lolawolf may not have won over the Lily Allen fans but they certainly won us over.

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