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Krept & Konan | Interview | Wireless 2014

We spoke to Krept & Konan at Wireless Festival. See what they said about their BET award and more here.

Krept & Konan are leading the UK Urban music scene into the unknown. The last 12 months the rap duo from South London have broke through so many glass ceilings it’s hard too see how far they will end up. Last year the music industry was shook up as Krept & Konan broke into the Official Top 20 Album Chart with their mixtape/album ‘Young Kingz‘. The project was independently made and shortly after their success were signed by record label, Virgin EMI. Recently the two had beaten Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal to the BET Award, Best International Act: UK and HTF thought it’ll be a good time to catch up with pair at Wireless Festival 2014 inside Finsbury Park.

Krept & Konan, thanks for spending some time with us. How are you guys?

Krept: Yeah buzzin’ ready to go onto stage.
Konan: Yeah I’m good thanks.

The other day you two were won Best International award at the BET awards, Congratulations!

Konan: Thanks man!

Whilst you were at the awards do you meet anyone cool?

Konan: You know what it is? The awards were so hectic, everyone you could think of where just sat there in their seats and your just watching everything so you don’t get much time to talk.

What was it like walking down the red carpet?

Krept: It was whole 5 hours of people walking down the red carpet so by the time we got it we would miss everyone else. So we got in and done interviews and sat down.
Konan: It was hot man i’ll tell you that. It was boiling in there.

The US fans are saying they are feeling a connection between you two where as the likes Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal they struggle, why do you think that is?

Krept: I don’t know man. Probably the music itself, because when we go to the clubs out there the music is a similar style to ours that might be why.
Konan: It’s more of a relatable sound.

Okay so whilst on music, your now working on your new album but now your signed is the creative process going to change?

Krept: It’s going to be exactly the same.
Konan: You know what it is, we’re back at the same studio, same producer.
Krept: Even before we sign to to the labels they were telling us not to case radio just do your own thing, do what you want to and we’ll support you and that was a big decision maker for us.

Would you say your mixtape deserves the same recognition and respect as other UK greats like Dizzee Rascals Boy In Corner?

Konan: It best have aha!

People over the internet have been saying that this Mixtape is the doorway to better things for UK Urban music, would you agree with that?

Konan: You know what? All seriousness I hope so it’s seen as UK history and pushes us to higher levels so we can open the doors for other people just like they’ve been saying. So hopefully.

That’s great. So since the mixtape you’ve obviously grown good relationships with massive US artists like French Montana & Wiz Khalifa. How are you going to manage the features on your new album? Are you going keep it UK or US or mix it up?

Krept: Oh bruv we’re going to bring everyone together. It shouldn’t be separated into UK music and US music we want it should be just one thing.

Your about to perform here in London. What were the crowds like when you performed at Birmingham’s Wireless as you clashed with Wiz Khalifa?

Konan: Crazy man!
Krept: You should check my Instagram, I uploaded people joshing.
Konan: Just big circle of people going crazy.

Do you think the London crowd will be better?

Krept: Hope so.
Konan: Hope so as London’s our hometown and it’s got to be better than Birmingham.

Nice one! Well is there anything else you guys want to let the readers at know?

Krept: Just make sure you wait for the album because it’s coming. Once that’s done shortly after we’ll be touring.

Okay great, thanks for your time guys hope the show goes well.

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