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Kendrick Lamar Sued For $1 Million Over ‘Rigamortis’ Instrumental

Kendrick has recently found himself in a spot of trouble regarding an allegedly pinched instrumental!

Source: Promo/ Official Facebook

Kendrick Lamar has recently found himself battling in a lawsuit after allegedly using the beat for ‘Rigamortis‘ without giving credit where its due.

Not the usual name for tabloid/gossip site drama, the Compton rapper has confronted a spot of conflict concerning his Section.80 record ‘Rigamortis‘, as two other artists have claimed they did it first. Jazzy duo Eric Reed and Willie Jones III state in the new suit that they came up with jazz track ‘The Thorn‘ back in 2011, offering an overly similar instrumental and rhythm to that heard in ‘Rigamortis.’ They went on to claim that the instrumental is more than similar – it’s the exact same! They are suing Kendrick for $1 million, plus all the rights and profits to ‘Rigamortis‘. Listening to the track, we can see why – compare both records below.

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