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Katy Perry – N****s In Paris Cover -Radio 1 Live Lounge (Watch Here)

Katy Perry covers ‘N****s in Paris’ On Radio ‘s Live Lounge.


A couple of days ago this actually happened –


I’m not often speechless but this just offended me on so many levels; the badly fitted New Era cap, the completely unrehearsed delivery, the choice of song. THE CHOICE OF SONG!

I mean even ignoring the fact that this song is off an album that could be argued to be the definition of out of touch, unrealistic, materialistic rap, its a tune called ‘N****s In Paris’!

There are a million and one good hip hop tunes that don’t have that word in the title. But she had to choose that one didn’t she. Urgh. The whole thing makes me cringe.  It makes me feel a bit ill, embarrassed and slightly worried for Katy Perry if none of her advisors thought this was a bad idea.

Then she says ‘Ninja’s In London’ and I stop feeling sorry for her. At all. Ever.

Even though I may not be a huge fan of Watch The Throne and what it represents , the one track that I think is trying to say something about the journey these two rappers have taken is N****s In Paris. And she just takes it, chews it up, and spits it out with a ‘hilarious’ ‘kooky’ Ninja reference thrown in there for good measure.

This is definitely not my jam. What do you think?

If you want a girl singing a Kanye Cover this is quite good –

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