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Kanye West Is Turning His Hand To Fashion Design!

Conquering the music world just isn’t enough for Mr West, he’s taking to the fashion world too! To continue his chain of domination.

Kanye West has been hitting our radio’s for years now with catchy tunes, bold beats and controversial lyrics now he his turning his attention to fashion design too! The international rap sensation has always been known for his sauve threads and enthusiastic style sense as well as his over-keen attitude for the musical-world domination. West’s antics are well recorded from his party lifestyle, onstage presence to the of course, who can forget, Taylor Swift incident? To add to this, we can confirm, will be a surely memorable ready-to-wear fashion label. He will be working closely with designer Louise Goldin. Ma fashion course director of Central Saint Martins, Professor Louise Wilson advised the star to start his own range, he also recently made a generous donation to the college. Professor Wilson stated recently:

“I can confirm that Kanye has been to visit me twice at Saint Martins and we have briefly discussed this collaboration,’ She continued, ‘His visit was in part to employ interns for his label, and it’s important to mention that he’s supported our fashion school and made an immediate donation to Saint Martins, which perhaps further demonstrates his passion for the industry.”

“I’ve known him for two years now and he’s incredibly knowledgeable about fashion, he’s a global phenomenon and a very interesting person. I think we can expect a well-considered collection, you wouldn’t expect less from a pair of professionals and I warn against dismissing it in haste. There are those who might assume Louise will be doing all the work and Kanye is just the face, I don’t believe this will be the case—he researches thoroughly and is hands on and committed to his work.’

Goldin’s representatives declined to comment, but this is one label for sure that is going to hit the fashion industry like a hurricane, hopefully in a whirlwind of fabulous fabrics, silhouettes and sexual empowering garments.

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