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Game Discusses Reuniting With G-Unit

Rapper Game discusses how he feels about 50 Cent calling him bipolar and possibly reuniting with G-Unit…

In an interview with Game, he was asked how he felt about being labeled bipolar by 50 Cent.

Game Said:

I think he bipolar, which is why we even worked together in the first place,

He continues:

I think that 50 is very, very rich. I think he doesn’t need to make music if he doesn’t want to. It’s like Dr. Dre. He don’t have to. I think that I got enough things going in my life and I’ve saved enough money to where I don’t even have to make music. I think it’s dope that he allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to go out and stack chips. You know what I’m saying? And he’s out there with them. And he’s doing stuff to keep them going. I think that’s dope. I think (as) separate entities we will be okay if I never reunited with G-Unit. If it happened I think that would be dope, but I mean, I’m straight.

Whether or not Game will be joining G-Unit anytime soon, he is about to release The Documentary 2 and ‘The Blood Money La Familia’ album.

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