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Big H Talks About His Side To The Mics Clash With P Money

Big H explains his side of the clash between him and P Money

If you haven’t heard about the Lord Of The Mics 6 clash between P Money and Big H, then where the hell have you been? Well for those of you who haven’t heard, the infamous clash involved three rounds back-to-back and a walk off stage.

Until now, Big H has been silent on the matter as to why he walked off, and what really happened. For those of us who weren’t there, the LOTM6 DVD hasn’t been released yet for everyone to see, so everyone has based their entire opinion off of what others have said. It has been long awaited to hear a reply from Big H as to what his side of the story is. But finally Big H has released a statement he made to LinkUpTv sticking up for himself. By the end of the video, you’ll probably be left agreeing with what he is saying and feeling slightly sympathetic.

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