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Big H Releases Statement On Recent Lord Of The Mics Appearance

Click here to read Big H’s statement on his recent actions at his Lord Of The Mics performance.

After walking off during his headline performance at Lord of the Mics were he was up against London MC, P Money, Big H’s management, Inside Music, have released a statment on behalf of the rapper as to why he did what he did- which quite rightfully pissed off much of the paying audience.

Read the entire official statment below.

Thank you to those who came down for LOTM6 yesterday to support grime music.Grime, unfortunately, remains a niche genre, so we’re keen to show our thanks toeveryone who is willing to spend their own money on the scene.
Despite expensive tickets, that were in high-demand, the turnout was brilliant. Today,here at Inside Music, we wanted to address some of the issues raised over the past 24hours over exactly what happened during Big H’s clash with P Money.
A number of news reports falsely indicated that H “spat two lyrics and left the stage”.They also indicated that “one round in and P Money had fired enough verbal shots toget Big H riled to the point of no reply”. Neither of these claims are true. H walked offafter three rounds. He got the majority of his lyrics out and was delighted to hear thecrowd booing his opponent for large swathes of the clash.
Unfortunately, due to an excitable crowd, much of the rest of the clash was unheard – ahuge shame. We are sure that on the DVD, you will be able to hear H’s lyrics and beable to compare them with P Money’s in a listening-friendly environment. We had beentold before the clash that the crowd would be forced to remain quiet – a sentiment thatJammer reiterated toward the end of the clash. Silence was, unfortunately, inevitablyimpossible – making things difficult for both sides.
It is unfortunate that, despite an overwhelming number of people considering H to havewon the opening round, he was unable to really show what he was really made of. Wewould like to attempt to give back to some of the faithful fans that attended yesterday.
We are very disappointed to hear that some were unhappy regarding H’s decision tofinish the clash where he did. Therefore, we are offering an open invitation to P Money, Lord of the Mics and his management for a rematch.Rematch negotiations are ongoing. We’ll keep you up to date.
Thanks, Inside Music
What do you lot make of Big H’s actions? Let us know in the comments box below.

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