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2 Chainz Wins Marijuana Legalisation Debate Against Nancy Grace

2 Chainz debates against Nancy Grace about legalisation of marijuana and wins. Watch the video here.

Source: ScreenshotThe ridiculous on going debate about whether weed should be legal in America has been brought to the mainstream media’s attention again as Nancy Grace invited 2 Chainz on HNL to ask is #Pot2Blame.

Some US states have legalised marijuana and since then have seen crime rates drop by significant numbers as well as the increases tax profits from this new industry. Despite the positivity around the legalisation in those states, the main stream media in America are still standing firm and sticking to their morals by fighting to keep marijuana illegal.

When Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz was invited to appear on the show it was soon clear that Nancy Grace had an agenda to stick to that included irresponsible parents “forcing” their kids to smoke marijuana. Unfortunately Nancy misunderstood 2 Chainz’s rapper persona as his literal personality and when trying to mock him, which only resulted in Tity Boi coming across as responsible and a positive image for the “stoner community”. Watch part of the debate below:

The highlight of the whole debate was when Nancy questioned his public image as she read out a caption from a social network post and 2 Chainz responded the only way he knew how, TRU!

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