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Whitechapel | Interview | April 2014

Whitechapel have just released their fifth studio album. HTF had a chat with guitarist Alex Wade. Check out what happened here.

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Whitechapel are a six piece Metal band from Tennessee, America and they have just released their brand new album ‘Our Endless War’ this week. (You can read our review of the album here.)

‘Our Endless War’ is the bands fifth studio album and sets them firming in the death metal driving seat. Now that the album is out the band will be travelling all across America for a few months of constant touring.

We had a chat with Guitarist Alex Wade just before the album came out. Check out what happened here.

HTF: Your new album ‘Our Endless War’ is out at the end of the month, are you more excited or nervous for the release?
Alex: Definetly really excited. We put a lot of hard work and effort into this record and I’m excited to see everyones reactions when it comes out. It’s rewarding to see the album finally come out and be put into the hands of fans after writing/recording/and promoting the album for over a year now.

HTF: How are your feelings towards the record now that it’s complete?
A: We’re very satisfied with it. It took a lot of analyzing and breaking it apart and putting it together but the finished product is our most cohesive work yet in my opinion. It’s our most mature work not only musically but lyrically as well. We wanted to show people that we’re a real metal band that can hang with the big names and not just a small time deathcore band anymore.

HTF: Have you heard much feedback regarding the album as of yet?
A: The album has leaked so I’ve seen people talking about it and the feedback has been positive so far. Most of the reviews I have read of it have been positive as well. The people who have heard it are saying there is a lot of diversity on the record which is great because we don’t like putting out albums where every song sounds the same. We like to use different tunings and tempos to distinguish each song from each other and make the CD a more enjoyable listening experience for our fans.

HTF: The album marks your fifth studio release. How do you feel the progression between ‘The Somatic Defilement’ through to ‘Our Endless War’ is one you could have envisioned back in 2007?
A: Honestly I don’t think so. Back then we were so young and really had no idea what we were doing haha. We just wanted to make heavy music. But it was an important part of our career and what established us. Now that we are older we have honed our skills at song writing and live performance, it’s like we aren’t even the same band we were when we started. There’s been a lot of growth and evolution since the beginning.

HTF: You did an indigo go campaign to fund your DVD. Were you surprised at the generosity and support from your fans?
A: Yes and it was a great feeling to know our fans support us like that. We wanted to do the DVD and crowd funding seemed like the perfect way to accomplish it because not only would it provide us with the funds to do it, but it allowed our fans to be a part in making the DVD happen as well.

HTF: You’re touring America pretty much constantly for the next few months. What will it be like to be away from home for so long? Are you used to it?
A: By now we are definitely used to it. Touring is a large portion of our income and how we make a career out of Whitechapel so we depend on it, but we still enjoy being on the road and playing shows to our fans. Being away from home can be hard but it’s all about finding the right balance of being on the road too much and being home too much.

HTF: Any plans to come back to the UK anytime soon?
A: No plans right now but we definitely hope to get back over soon! Definitely sometime to support the new record.

HTF: Finally what does the rest of 2014 hold in store for you guys?
A: Just a lot of touring and supporting this new record, trying to get it into the hands of as many people as possible!

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