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TesseracT To Release Acoustic EP (Video Inside)

Tesseract announce they plan to release an acoustic EP with their new singer Elliot Coleman. See more here for details!

TesseracT is set to release an acoustic EP with their new front man Elliott Coleman in the Spring of this year.

The date and title of the album release is yet undecided.

Bass player Amos Williams has this to say: I’ve been planning to film myself playing along to TesseracT’s debut ‘One’ for a while now. Over the Christmas holidays I asked our fans which song they would like me to film first, to which the answer was ‘April’. This got me thinking however, as ‘April’ has evolved quite a bit, in a similar fashion to the way ‘Concealing Fate’ had evolved over the years of performing it on tour. So, I figured it would make sense to perform the latest version of ‘April’ which we’re about to release with our new EP, which has the working title of ‘Perspective’.  We’re still not sure if this will be the title, but at the moment it kind of makes the most sense.

The EP itself was inspired by an acoustic session we filmed last year in New York, whilst on tour with Protest The Hero. It made us realize that a few of the tracks sounded really great when re-arranged and approached at from a different perspective. It will feature 3 new versions of tracks from ‘One’ plus a very special cover.

Once we finish off this EP we will stay in the studio and begin work our new album. This is shaping up to continue the TesseracT sound we began to develop on ‘One’. A sound that is dynamic, tender, crushing, soaring, visceral, beautiful, emotive and heavy. A box of contradictions and infinite possibilities. With maybe the exception of Euro House… we’re not really that into Euro House… sorry”.

Watch a sneaky insight of what is to be in store of the new EP with Amos’s bass video.

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