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Smells Like Teen Spirit To Be Christmas No.1? (Audio)

Another Facebook campaign with a twist.

It was December of 2009 when thousands of people across the UK were tuning into Radio 1 as they eagerly awaited to find out who had made it to Christmas no.1 in the UK top 40. However, what was different about this Christmas no.1 was that a campaign on Facebook was set up in order to protest and hopefully prevent, the ever predictable X Factor winner grabbing the top spot, and making Simon Cowell‘s pockets that bit heavier. Thousands of people took part in the campaign and it soon became of interest to media around the world, which urged followers to download the chosen track used to represent the campaign. The song of choice was ‘Killing In The Name Of’ by Rage Against The Machine (originally released in 1992) which arguably insinuates a metaphorical attack on the capitalist money making machine that is Simon Cowell (and his X factor minions).

This year, we have a new campaign and again, its creators are hitting out at the X factor and relying on social networking and its power to reach and bring together millions of followers. The campaign has been set up by a third party after a children’s charity called ‘Rhythmix’ have been trying to negotiate with the X Factor to change the name of one of its acts, who also carry the same name. The charity itself was set up in order to help young children through the music medium. However, despite making their presence and feelings known, The X factor are refusing to change the name which is resulting in legal action.

Rythmix’s regional directer, Russ Groom’s told NME in relation to the naming of one of the X Factor acts that “We believe it would be simple and appropriate for them to change the name. We see no reason why they shouldn’t.” Groom’s continued to add  “But now we’re involved in a costly legal debate which takes valuable funds away from delivering services to young people. We’re at a loss as to why anyone would even consider trying to find a legal loophole to ensure a band can continue to use the name of a small yet highly-respected charity”.

So will you you be downloading the Nirvana classic? Do you think The X Factor should back down? As always let us know what you think and below we have a link to the Nirvana classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ to help you decide.

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